Shubham Pasari

Junior Investment Analyst

Languages: 🇬🇧

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We are excited to welcome Shubham Pasari as a Junior Investment Analyst at Fuse Capital. Joining our growing team in Hyderabad, Shubham brings a unique blend of technical engineering expertise and financial analysis skills, positioning him as a valuable asset in our investment analysis team.

Shubham’s professional journey began at Qualcomm in Hyderabad, where he served as an Engineer from July 2020 to November 2023. His significant experience in the telecom sector, specifically in RF mmW 5G technology, equips him to craft insightful investment memorandums (IMs) tailored for our tech clients, enhancing our service offerings in technology-focused financial analysis.

He holds a Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology. Shubham's move into finance is supported by a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential from the CFA Institute, and an introductory course in Strategy Consulting from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), which showcase his readiness for tackling complex financial strategies and investment banking.

At Fuse Capital, Shubham will leverage his unique combination of technical knowledge and financial expertise to enhance our investment decision-making processes. His ability to integrate detailed technological insights with financial analysis is expected to drive significant value for our clients.

Welcome to Fuse Capital, Shubham. We look forward to the innovative perspectives and expertise you bring to our team.