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Fuse Capital Helps Synapticon's Growth

Synapticon, based in Germany, is a leading pioneer and manufacturer in the field of advanced industrial motion control. They specialize in providing integrated motion solutions for robotics and automated machinery applications.


Synapticon sought venture debt financing to address specific challenges and growth opportunities. Discover how Fuse Capital helped in that regard.




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Why They Chose Fuse Capital

Synapticon chose to work with Fuse Capital because they were not well-acquainted with lenders that could fulfil their financing requirements.

They had initially received a term sheet from another lender but for a much lower quantum than that which Fuse Capital eventually helped secure.


Fuse Capital's expertise and network helped the company gain credibility with the targeted lenders.


The detailed advisory process allowed Synapticon to focus on closing the right investor, willing to lend the required amount to fuel the company’s growth ambitions.


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