July Newsletter: Debt Markets Ascend & Our Biggest Deal Yet

Welcoming New Partners 


July has been an exciting month as we welcomed ten new clients to our growing family.  

These partnerships span across the UK, Europe, and Asia, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with such diverse and innovative businesses. Our clients' trust in our services fuels our commitment to delivering the best solutions for their financial needs. 


Empowering Client Growth 

We are immensely proud to have played a part in the success of our valued client who recently achieved a significant milestone by listing on the NASDAQ for an impressive $1 billion in valuation. While helping this long-term partner we achieved an all-time company milestone, securing our largest-ever debt mandate worth $100 million. 

Witnessing our clients' achievements as they secure the necessary funding to pursue their goals motivates us to continue what we do best. 


VC Challenges 

We recognize the challenges that come with the venture capital market for new and follow-on fundraising. 

Our team remains dedicated to working closely with our clients to find innovative solutions and support them in their growth objectives. 


Stability in Debt Market 

On the other hand, despite shaky economic conditions, we are pleased to see stability prevail in the debt market.  

This resilience demonstrates the strength & resilience of the network of lenders we work with and their commitment to sound investing, even during challenging times. 


Thriving M&A Landscape 

The current market presents unique opportunities for mergers and acquisitions, and we are delighted to see good assets available at reasonable prices.  

Our clients' interest in exploring such opportunities highlights their determination to strengthen their positions in their respective industries, despite the defiance in the market. 


Expanding Horizons in Hyderabad, India 

As part of our commitment to expanding our global presence and accessing top talent, we have recently set up an office in Hyderabad, India. Sai Kumar, Goonjit Singh Pahwa, and the most recent addition to our marketing team, Reynold Paul will be working there to sustain our MEA efforts. 

This strategic move will enable us to serve our clients better and foster valuable partnerships in the region.


Latest News 

On that note, our team is travelling to Singapore this 31st of July for a Roadshow from Aug 1 to 16th to meet potential clients. 

Singapore has been one of the most exciting markets to date. We’re incredibly proud to trailblaze new debt facilities there and help this ecosystem grow up to its full potential.