Share buyback

Fund share buyback with private debt finance

Are you looking to execute a share buyback or consolidate your company ownership?

Using private debt to execute a share buyback allows you to manage the exit of existing shareholders while reducing equity dilution.

Clear up your companies share holding

Buy out a leading investor or VC

Regain control of your company

Maximise the return from your exit

What we need to get started

  • Signed NDA & the ability to share financial data.

  • Proof of your business model

  • A clear use of funds

Our process

We offer a straightforward & simple approach with the sole aim of securing you debt, effectively.

  1. 1


    You are ready to take debt. We’ll create your debt presentation to take to funding partners

  2. 2


    We generate a deal flow with our funding partners. You are delivered debt offers to review and accept or reject

  3. 3


    We get the deal done. You draw down your debt solution.

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