Merge or buy, tell me why!-

There are many reasons a company might decide to go through with an M&A activity. 

  • You want to buy out a competitor
  • Employing people right now is hard, you want to purchase some expertise 😉
  • Your competitor has technology you want
  • You want to enter a new territory

Whatever your reasons you have some big decisions to make. 

Whatever your reasons you need to nail your WHY.

Path to Success

Conducting a successful company purchase is normally harder than you think it will be. There are some key things you can do early on to make the M&A process a lot smoother.

  • Make sure you know exactly why you want to conduct an M&A activity
  • Engage your key stakeholders early
  • Identify some key target companies that you want to buy
  • Find out how much you can afford

Fuse Capital will support you every step of the way to find the right funding for your M&A journey

Step 1

Scenario Planning

The analysts at Fuse Capital will help with the following.


  • Build scenario models based on your data
  • Model the impact on cash flow
  • Model the impact on your P&L
  • Create an M&A matrix to calculate cash on day one, earn-outs and any equity requirement


Step 2

Going to the market

Fuse Capital will go out to the investment community to find out how much you can borrow to best finance the deal. 


  • Creation of an investment memorandum
  • Engaging with the Private Debt community
  • Finding out how much you can borrow 

Getting the right Go-to Market Strategy will lead to success

Step 3

Heads of Terms

Once you know how much finance you can bring to the table you can go out and find a company to purchase. Once you have your target in sight Fuse Capital will:


  • Identify the correct lender for pre and post-acquisition structures
  • Update the investment memorandum with the target companies' data
  • Analyse the relevant data and corporate documentation
  • Integrate our financial model with the target companies' data
  • Conduct a lender roadshow

Step 4

Transaction Management

Now that's the tricky bit. But Fuse Capital are expert at managing transactions and has done so for over 450 clients. For your M&A journey, we will:

  • Manage the due diligence process for the M&A activity
  • Manage the legal process 
  • Secure the final approval from all stakeholders

Step 5

Success and drawdown

Now we have all the documents in hand we will help you complete the loan process and you can drawdown the funds. 

Now you can sit back and relax...

If you want to talk to us about an M&A activity please fill out the form below. 

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