Unprecedented Access to New Funding Facilities in the Netherlands

Setting Market Trends: Our Impact

Over 47% of Tech SMEs in the EU could benefit from Covenant-Lite Deals facilitated by Fuse Capital, addressing their working capital needs and boosting growth.


This sort of funding can also be utilised for refinancing past loans with better terms, making acquisitions, invoice financing, asset-based landing etc...


Although Private Debt is underutilised in Europe, the market is evolving, with the US holding 65% of private debt deals, while the UK, EU, and APAC account for the rest, predominantly in the UK.


Fuse Capital is committed to expanding tech entrepreneurs' access to alternative finance, led by co-founder Ifti Akbar. This provides a unique opportunity to connect with an unparalleled network of funds and gain insights from an expert involved in over 550+ deals in the past 11 years.


With relationships across 100s of debt funds and a solid reputation, Fuse Capital positions your company for increased likelihood of successful dealmaking.

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