How Women Are Transforming the Tech Landscape

The tech industry is witnessing a powerful transformation led by inspiring women founders. Despite grappling with numerous obstacles, these women are pioneering innovative solutions, securing funding, building exceptional teams, and igniting motivation in others.


In this blog post, we delve into the remarkable achievements and invaluable insights of women founders in the tech world, showcasing their resilience in overcoming challenges.


Navigating the Hurdles as Women Founders in Tech

Women founders in tech encounter several hurdles, including but not limited to:

  1. Scarce representation and role models: The representation of women in leadership positions within the tech sector remains insufficient, making it difficult for women founders to find mentors, peers, and allies. According to the World Economic Forum, only 22% of AI professionals globally are women, and merely 12% of board members in tech companies are women.
  2. Limited access to funding: A report by Sifted highlighted that only 3% of the total global venture capital in 2019 was allocated to companies solely founded by women, and less than 1% went to women founders of colour. Securing investment from those who grasp their vision and appreciate their potential is a persistent struggle.
  3. Inadequate support and resources: women founders often grapple with isolation, bias, and harassment in the male-dominated tech industry. Additionally, they might lack access to networks, business guidance, and opportunities crucial for their venture's growth.


Celebrating Women Tech Trailblazers


Despite these challenges, women founders in tech have achieved remarkable feats and shared invaluable insights. Craving examples? Here are a few:

  • In Europe, women founders are leading the charge in fintech, health tech, fashion tech, and travel tech. Distinguished VCs are backing more women founders, underlining the vital role of diversity and inclusion in the investment landscape.
  • In the US, women founders are breaking records and making history. Notably, Whitney Wolfe Herd became the youngest women CEO to lead a company to a $13 billion IPO with Bumble in February 2023. Ella Wales Bonner also made history as the first women partner at Cornerstone VC.
  • Globally, women founders are sharing their journeys and offering guidance on bridging the gender gap in tech. CareerFoundry featured nine women founders and tech entrepreneurs to watch in 2023, who shared insights on succeeding in tech, including embracing authenticity, seeking feedback, fostering diverse teams, leveraging unique perspectives, and finding empowering mentors.



Many successful women founders in Europe and the UK are making a positive impact in various fields and industries. Here are some examples of them:

  • Alice Bentinck is a London-based entrepreneur who co-founded Entrepreneur First, one of the world’s leading company builders, helping 2000 individuals build 300+ companies. She also founded Code First: Girls, a free part-time course for women students, and was awarded an MBE, a British Empire award awarded by the Queen.
  • Alice Zagury is the co-founder and CEO of The Family, a Paris-based startup accelerator with the mission to empower entrepreneurs in their quest for a repeatable, scalable and profitable business model. She is a champion of equal opportunity, and supporting local talent no matter where it comes from.
  • Alisée de Tonnac is a Swiss entrepreneur who co-founded Seedstars World, a global startup competition covering 85+ emerging and developing markets. Alisée now serves as Seedstar World’s CEO, having been featured in Forbes, Le Monde and Wired.
  • Anne Boden is a Welsh banking veteran who, after 30 years as a banker watching customers struggle with complex processes, founded challenger bank Starling. Starling is one of the UK’s leading digital banks, with over 2 million customers and a valuation of over £1 billion.
  • Shirley Billot is the founder and CEO of Kadalys, a Paris/Martinique-based company that produces organic skincare products from banana plantations. Kadalys is the first circular economy brand in the cosmetics industry and has won several awards for its innovation and sustainability.

These are just some of the many inspiring women who are leading the way in Europe’s startup and venture capital space. You can find more information about them and others by following the links below:

Fuse Capital In All of This?


The Future Outlook for Women Founders in Tech

Women founders in tech are not only addressing current challenges with innovative solutions, but they are also shaping the future of tech. They are debunking stereotypes, disrupting industries, and inspiring the next generation of women leaders. As more women founders enter the tech realm, they will bring increased diversity, creativity, and impact to the world.

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