Meet Masha Nosova

Masha Nosova has joined Fuse Capital as an Investment Analyst and will be working on UK/SEA debt deals, assisting in the execution of Fuse Capital's lending advisory activities. 


She graduated from King’s College London in 2022 and worked for a year at Vitae, an award-winning hydroponics startup within the Kings20 Startup Accelerator Cohort IV.


She’s had a wide range of experiences in business development and investment, both in the U.K. and abroad. She is looking forward to bringing her upside to Fuse Capital: “Fuse is essentially a vessel of growth for both the client/ company and also for that particular sector within the industry that the company sits in. This role and company have really thrust me to the forefront of growth and innovation in the tech industry. Each deal is so unique and requires an element of creativity and change in approach when navigating different elements.”


Russell Lerman, our CEO, doesn’t hold back praises: “We’re very excited to have Masha join our team. Her experience and hard work will help us grow exponentially in 2023, and reach new markets. There’s just so much she brings to the table.” Russell Lerman, CEO of Fuse Capital.


On the side, she's also a massive film/ drama fan and has a certificate of excellence from the New York Film Academy for acting. If she ever gets bored of Fuse, she can always make a career on Broadway!