Karanjit Singh

Investment Manager

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Meet Karanjit Singh, a seasoned Investment Manager currently spearheading strategic initiatives at Fuse Capital in our London offices. His extensive expertise aligns seamlessly with the dynamic landscape of private debt advisory, particularly in sourcing debt deals for high-growth mid-market tech companies in the UK. 

Karanjit's tenure at HSBC, where he evolved from a Debt Capital Markets Analyst to an Associate, is especially noteworthy. His role in the successful launch of the UK Green Gilt and recognition as a Technology Champion perfectly positions him to navigate the intricate financial waters at Fuse Capital. The experience gained in refining target investor lists and engaging with  investors directly speaks to his ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities – a crucial skill in the private debt advisory domain. 

In his prior role as a Leveraged and Acquisition Finance Analyst, Karanjit's strategic insights and meticulous financial modelling were evident. His role in the PAI Partners LBO of Armacell, where he led comprehensive credit and financial analysis, underscores his capability to structure and execute complex financial deals – a skill set directly applicable to his current responsibilities at Fuse Capital. 

Having commenced his financial journey at Russell Investments as a Multi-Asset Fund Team Analyst, Karanjit's foundation in crafting compelling pitches and developing financial models contributes significantly to his proficiency in presenting strategic financial solutions at Fuse Capital. 

Now at Fuse Capital, Karanjit Singh leverages this rich background to drive success in private debt advisory for high-growth tech companies. His ability to analyse market trends, identify investment opportunities, and execute strategic financial manoeuvres positions him as a valuable asset in steering Fuse Capital towards continued success in the realm of private debt advisory.