Russell Lerman

CEO & Co-founder

Languages: 🇬🇧

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Russell is Fuse’s CEO and Co-Founder, he helps companies in the tech sector for which conventional debt finance products are unsuitable. In particular, he structures and closes private debt finance deals that satisfy their needs and the needs of the private debt funds. Russell’s upbringing taught him the importance of a good work ethic. And a personal commitment to results.

Over the last thirteen years, he has started two companies. Sold one. Bought two and completed over 120 debt transactions. Securing debt played a big part in helping his first companies to grow, and indeed to assist his exit. He learnt how to explain clearly and coherently, the merits and risks of his finance deals and most importantly, learnt how to build relationships with lenders. From his experiences, in 2013, the idea to create Fuse Capital, a debt advisory and brokerage firm was born.

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