Welcoming Stephen Craig To Fuse Capital

We got our hands on an absolute unit at Fuse Capital. A high-profile accountant who's seen it all, PwC, EY, Grand Thorthon... A majestic resume, but not as majestic as his iconic beard: Stephen Craig!

So we decided to give our new  Senior Investment Analyst a proper introduction to the debt ecosystem in the form of thought experiments in a half-serious, half-fun interview style, with our marketing junior Hubert Rapinat.


Expect the unexpected in this interview for the ages:

Getting Private Debt On Top In The EU

Stephen will be key in developing Fuse Capital's reach and deal flow in the EU. As a Senior Investment Analyst in our Deal team, he will be the primary touchpoint between every client we board in the EU, and the lenders we get offers from.


We're only getting started!