Fuse Capital open Marketing hub in Belgium

Fuse Capital the leading tech sector private debt advisory firm from London opens an office in Ghent. The new office will focus on being a marketing hub for Fuse, it will be headed up by Benjamin Tresham the head of marketing.

“With Belgium’s great grasp on European languages, it made perfect sense for us to open up our marketing hub there.” Russell Lerman - CEO Fuse Capital.

The office will be located in Ampla house on the Coupure in Ghent. Fuse Capital will be adding content marketing, performance marketing and email marketing roles to strengthen its marketing capabilities. The core mission of the office will be to help Fuse internationalise. Fuse understands that every culture is different and each new hire will reflect that approach.  

“Ghent is a great tech hub for Belgium, as such the talent on offer here will further support our international growth plans” Benjamin Tresham - Head of Marketing Fuse Capital.

Fuse Capital is a specialist private debt advisory firm headquartered in London and regulated by the FCA. They focus on ticket sizes of £2m-£25m, servicing both pre-profit and profit-making clients. They help their clients secure attractive debt funding not available through traditional lenders and have done so for over 400 clients globally. Fuse Capital’s global network of funds understands the high-growth tech market, therefore making them a clear choice for companies looking to raise capital while minimising dilution.  

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